Ideas For Your Relaxed and Earthy Outdoor Wedding

I’m a bay area wedding photographer and I created this page for couples who are looking for diy design tips and general advice that will assist in creating a relaxed, cozy, and laid-back wedding environment. these ideas are especially good for outdoor weddings that will take place in secluded, intimate areas in the woods, on a farm, in backyards, courtyards, and more. this page will be updated as I continuously gather inspiration from various outdoor bay area weddings and venues.

here are some ideas of what you can incorporate in your wedding to make the environment fun, comfortable, beautiful, and thoughtful:

Floor cushions in the grass

create inviting spaces for people to relax and sit comfortably in the grass together throughout your reception. this can create opportunities for people to converse and really connect with your other guests while feeling comfy and connected to the earth.


sometimes so overlooked and such an easy way to set the mood! hang string lights up high/in trees, place some candles on tables, and hang some paper lanterns here and there.


as entertainment. help your guests get a peek into your personal lives, interests, and photos that they may have not seen before. maybe you can rent a projector for the day and use it to play a photo slideshow, an ongoing playlist of your favorite music videos on mute, some home videos, etc. this give people something interesting to look at and allows you to share yourselves some more without having to say anything. this would look awesome displayed against a building wall or backdrop, and would especially be perfect for backyard weddings. if you have polaroids or small printed photos, you can use photo strings to hang them on walls or even place them on the tables at the reception.

Live music

the sound of an acoustic guitar or a piano in the background can be so relaxing. this doesn’t have to be throughout the entire reception. you can have someone play before your ceremony begins, briefly once it ends, while people eat at your reception, or at random points throughout the night. if you know of a local musician whose style would be perfect for your wedding, hire them! they might appreciate it.

Items from your own home(s)

plants | art | rugs | wall hangings | crystals | throw blankets | antique mirrors | blankets (go here to read more about this idea) | wooden cheese boards

endless possibilities! maybe even the couch and wooden chairs in your backyard. i love this idea because it ensures that there’s a whole lot of you and your partner at your wedding. when you already own special and meaningful items, it might not be necessary to go out and buy new things that you might only use and enjoy for one day. so try to incorporate things that you already know you love having around. your wedding guests will feel like they’re in your home or like they’re in a space that is so you.

Vintage aisle runner for the ceremony

if you don’t want to walk down the aisle on the plain ground, walk on a runner! the right one can really stand out and look so beautiful against the grass or against the wooden floor of your venue. browse oldnewhouse or local shops for runners that match your style

*I’m not sponsored by oldnewhouse- I just love their rugs.

*if you’ll be placing the rug on hard floor, make sure to use a rug pad for gripping.

Shoe bins

to encourage people to take off their shoes if they’d rather go barefoot.

Record player for music

A small bonfire